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Our mission is to support your talent, passion and purpose - whether you know what those are yet or not. We exist because you do…

Why We Are Here

We know what it’s like to have a natural talent but to spend your life being told you should do something else if you want to make money; or to be good at lots of things but never be quite sure about where your true talent lies and what your real purpose is. That’s what we’ve experienced personally - you can read more about it below - and that’s why we founded Kinetiva.

Our goals therefore are:

  1. To inspire, enable and motivate naturally talented people to use this talent to make a living
  2. To help you uncover and discover your true passion and purpose in life
  3. To combine your talent, passion and purpose to create the life you want to live

We aim to do this by:

  1. Publishing the highest quality resources we can, to enable and empower you
  2. Helping you showcase your talents & skills by providing the right platforms and opportunities
  3. Connecting you with like-minded individuals to share with, learn from and grow with each other and with us too

We want to help you build a business, create multiple income streams and earn an income from your talent, passion and purpose - we’re doing it and so can you.

Who We Are

We’re Lea, Jonathan & Mali Woodward. Together, we run Kinetiva - combining our talents and passion to bring to life the big idea for the business we’d love to run.

Together, we have over 15 years of combined experience in the corporate world and over 10 years combined experience running our own business.

Lea is the logical, left-brained, strategic and creative problem solver. Jonathan is the creative, right-brained, artistic, design whizz. Mali’s the one who motivates us both with her unique combination of cajoling and demanding bossiness.

We are a location independent family although enjoy having a bolthole in a small town in the heart of the UK - which is where Kinetiva HQ is based and where we conduct operations from.

About Jonathan

Jonathan is a naturally gifted artist but while he’s spent his life using his creative skills as a graphic & website designer, his true passion (and talent) lies in the field of art & illustration. It’s taken him 35 years to get to the point where he finally feels confident enough to pursue this professionally. Yes, that long ;)

He’s now steadfastly pursuing a career as a professional illustrator, specialising in cut paper collages of wildlife subjects. His ideal clients are zoos, wildlife parks and wildlife conservation-based projects…if you have any contacts, do shout!

About Lea

Lea is good at many things but doesn’t have a natural, innate talent like art, music or anything obvious. She’s spent her whole life doing things well  but never really felt like it was her true passion or purpose. In fact, she began to think she didn’t have one…

Until she realised (at the grand old age of 33) that her talent, passion & purpose is all about ideas - conceiving of them and bringing them to life. It’s the common thread that ties all of her previous jobs and projects together - something she only realised recently and which has made a whole world of difference ever since.

If you’d like to find out more about us individually, our online homes are here for Lea and here for Jonathan. We haven’t yet taught Mali CSS or html so hers isn’t quite ready yet. She’s not quite 2, so we’ll wait a while before we officially get her to join the business ;)