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eGuides for self starters who want the practical, nuts & bolts information to work through on your own, without any fluff or hype to distract you.

The DIY Design & Branding Kit

Ideal for bootstrapping entrepreneurs who can’t yet afford to hire a professional designer but still want a professional image.

The eGuide shares the tips, tricks and processes used by a professional designer to create a full range of marketing materials.

You’ll learn the basics of good design so you can apply these to create your own logo, your own blog or website design, your own business stationery and more.

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The Location Independent Lifestyle Guide

The flagship guide for Location Independent - this eGuide shares everything you need to know about becoming and being location independent.

The eGuide covers all the practical aspects of living and working from anywhere - including how to get started, how to hit the road, what to do if things go wrong and how to run your business from anywhere.

You’ll get insights into the tips, tricks and tools we’ve used to run our business from the road since 2007 and learn how you can do it too.

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The zero2illo 12 Week Challenge

The flagship guide for zero 2 illo - this eGuide walks you through what you need to know to set yourself up as a professional illustrator in 12 weeks.

The eGuide covers all the practical steps you need to complete to set yourself up in business as an illustrator - from the strategy to the branding to the marketing and more.

You’ll complete each weekly task, supported by tips, tricks & practical resources so you can be confident you’ve built the solid foundations your illustration business needs to survive.

Find out more about the eGuide and how to purchase it from the zero 2 illo store here >>>